Special Access to the Online Portal

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parties, cultural heritage bodies, and land users who have a need to frequently undertake searches of the database and register can apply for special access to the online portal.

Who can access the online portal?

There are two categories of special access for the online portal:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parties as defined by the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 or the Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Act 2003, including their authorized representatives.
  • Land Users and consultants who regularly search the database and register for duty of care purposes.

The type of access and information made available through the online portal is different for each of the above categories.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parties can access a GIS map containing information and links to documents held by the Department in relation to any cultural heritage sites and places recorded in the database for their area.

Approved land users and consultants can access a self-service cultural heritage search page that provides immediate results for the area being searched.

Registered parties and users can also submit site information for inclusion on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage database through an online submission process.

If you have any queries regarding access to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage database and register please contact the Cultural Heritage Unit cultural.heritage@dsdsatsip.qld.gov.au

Application Requirements

When completing the application for Login form you are requested to attached relevant information to support your application. This includes letters and signatures as indicated for each category of access in the application form. Your application will not be approved if you do not attached the required information.

The application form also contains specific Terms and Conditions relating to each category of access. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting your application. You will be unable to submit the application if you do not agree to the relevant Terms and Conditions.

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